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7 Ways to Avoid Cold, Flu and Cough

Have you been hit been hit by the cold, flu or respiratory illness this season? It is wise to boost your immune system and here's how. Tips for winter stronger immunity: 1. Take plenty Vitamin D. While some people will be fine with just 2000 IU per day, you may need even more, depending on your health status. That is why … Read More

5 Traditional Home Remedies for Skin Tags, Moles and Warts

One of the most frequent questions that I get asked as a holistic health practitioner, is how to get rid of moles, skin tags and warts. I have found in my practice that the same thing does not work for everyone. But, here are the most common ways that have been successful for most of my clients.       1. Apple Cider … Read More

DIY Anti-Fungal Salve

This recipe is a nice one to use for a variety of skin problems. Not only do the herbs in it contain anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, but some also support and promote cell regeneration for fast healing. How to Make Anti-Fungal Herbal Salve Ingredients: 2 cups of extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons coconut … Read More

Six Simple Steps to Ward Off Cold and Flu

Are you dreading cold and flu season? You can avoid catching germs by naturally boosting your immune system with some simple tactics. Germs are around us all the time, but the difference of whether or not we get sick lies in our immune system strength.  Remember 80% of your immune system is within the digestive … Read More

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Cauliflower with Sweet Cicely & Star Anise Fermented vegetables are loaded with good bacteria that we need to stay healthy. The cultured vegetables contain live enzymes and also enhance the nutrients. One little bite contains millions, maybe even billions of probiotics. This recipe is a … Read More


Nourishing Chicken Broth

There may be no other food more healing than a nourishing homemade bone broth.  This recipe is simmered for at least 12 hours and incorporates some wonderful healing herbs. One important key is to add the vinegar in the beginning after filling your stock pot and let everything sit for 30 minutes to … Read More...

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