Educational Materials

These herbal education materials were created by Herbalist Connie Karstens as a practical tool from the beginner to advanced herbal student. The information compiled in these materials comes from years of herbal study and clinical experience and is presented in an easy to understand method that makes learning about herbs fun for everyone.

Herbal Medicine Poster:

Traditional Western Herbalism Principles

9052_Herbal_Poster_HR_ZPLearn about herbalism principles in an easy to understand way. This piece of educational material is a unique piece that combines ancient wisdom with today’s knowledge as a great reference from the beginner to the advanced herbal student.

The eye appealing poster presents the principles of Traditional Western herbalism in a simplified form with guides for using key herbs as they relate to the different organ systems. It also includes quick guides for matching herbs to conditions. This poster is invaluable in determining which remedy to use for a particular condition. Not only is it loaded with information, but it frames beautifully and looks nice on the wall. Size: 18″ x 24″.

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Knowledge Card Set:

Making & Using Herbal Preparations – Simplified

card set

This handy knowledge card set contains a wealth of information in an herbal study self- training guide that makes making and using herbal preparations achievable by anyone.

The 38 card set (that’s 76 pages!) has step-by-step directions to get started making your own inexpensive, safe, gentle and effective herbal remedies. The preparation methods are based on traditional, time-honored techniques used by our ancestors since the beginning of recorded history. It contains information in a straightforward format and has a treasure trove of information that you would have to look for in dozens of books to find.

This card set includes:
  • How to make over 20 different types of herbal preparations including tinctures, salves, oxymels, vinegars, infusions, decoctions, liniments, pastilles, lozenges, just to name a few.
  • More than 25 formulas and recipes from a practicing herbalist that really work including Liver Detox Cleanse decoction, Pine Needle tea, Herbal Digestive Bitters, Relaxing Bath Tea, Harvey’s Healing Salve, Arthritis & Sore Joint Ointment, and much, much more.
  • Nearly 15 cards with instructions on how to use the herbs effectively, how to determine tissue state imbalances of the body and what herbs balance each state, specific herbs for organs and organ systems, learning tongue analysis, pulse testing and how to use a holistic approach to healing.

These are high quality u-v coated 4″ x 6″ cards with rounded corners that can be filed in a recipe box or in a binder and can be used as quick reference guides to develop you or your family’s personal natural health protocol. This set is the first in a wonderful series that will be created over time. You will find this knowledge card set to be one of your best investments in your health.

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