Health Benefits

healthy lifeConnie’s role is to provide the tools for others to build, revitalize, and maintain radiant health. This is done on every level, literally from the ground up. At their farm, they have spent decades working on achieving a healthy soil balance that is full of life. This vital force or energy in the land creates healthy plants for the animals and, ultimately, healthy people. It is the life in the food that gives us life. Her farm store offers an opportunity for individuals to connect directly with a farmer for superior food.

Good nutrition is the foundation for good health.

Our bodies work best with the best quality foods. We were created with an amazing self-healing ability which is maintained by a whole host of delicate interacting mechanisms. The complex metabolic pathways of our body need raw materials of high quality nutrients in sufficient quantities.

The truth is our modern foods tend to be low in nutrient density, highly refined and processed and laden with sugar or sugar substitutes. Essentially, our contemporary food has left us nutritionally bankrupt and more susceptible to disease.

The good news is we can turn this around. Through diet, lifestyle and environmental influences, we can restore our body and the ecosystem we live in.

Botanical medicine and whole food nutrition can create harmony and balance, vitality, and provide deep tissue nourishment on a cellular level. The most effective way of using herbs is to take them internally, since it is from within that healing takes place.