Private Consultations

tinctureConnie sees clients privately at The Lamb Shoppe & Wellness Center near Hutchinson, Minnesota. All consultations are by appointment only. Please call ahead to schedule your appointment.

Each wellness program is tailored to meet individual needs. This type of holistic healing addresses the true underlying causes of illness. Rather than merely masking the illness by treating the symptoms, this approach is done to correct imbalances at the very core of our being. With this method of healing, frequently more than one therapy is incorporated in the client’s protocol to facilitate the recovery process.


Choices of modalities may include:

Herbal Therapy

  • Herb counseling and assessment
  • Customized personal herbal formulas based on case history, pulse and tongue assessment, and homeopathic indications.
  • Traditional herbalism, clinical and scientific based herbal practices
  • On-site herbal dispensary with carefully blended formulas tailored to meet individual needs

Nutritional Therapy

  • Nutrition counseling and assessment
  • Whole food and nutrient dense eating programs
  • Dietary supplements as needed
  • Healthy cooking, recipes and shopping guidance

Flower Essence Therapy

  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Flower Essence Society (FES) Remedies

Other Wellness Services

  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Lifestyle Adjustment Coaching
  • Herbal Medicine and Healthy Living Classes

Current Fee Schedule:

  • Initial Consultation Session: (60 – 90 minute session)  $75.00
  • Follow up sessions: $45 per half hour
  • Prepaid Wellness Package Special: 3 Sessions for $145.00 – includes initial session and two follow-ups
  • Herbal Remedies: $10 – $35, depending on size
  • Nutritional Supplements: Varies

What to Expect at Your Visit

Taking time to gather information on the first visit ensures a complete assessment of your unique needs. Your initial assessment and strategy session generally lasts between 1 to  1 ½ hours and it may include part or all of the following:

  • Dietary History Review
  • General Health History Including Physical, Mental and Emotional Health
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment
  • Medical and Family Health History Review
  • Setting Short and Long-term Goals
  • Evaluation of Current Supplement Regimen
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Program
  • Educational Materials
  • Assessment of Need for Herbal Remedies
  • Dispensary of Herbal & Nutritional Formulas

Follow up sessions for nutritional programs may be as early as one week after your first visit, depending on personal goals and progress.

However, most follow up visits for herbal consultations are scheduled three weeks after the initial visit. The body seems to make a shift after this time and adjustments in your herbal remedy may be needed. This is also a good time to monitor your progress in your nutritional program.

The follow up visits are usually 30 to 60 minutes. However, clients are encouraged to call at any time with questions or concerns about their remedy, nutritional program, or health issues. Because it takes time for most health issues to be fined tuned and resolved, a minimum of two or more follow sessions are highly recommended. Remember that the illness was not created in one month, so it will take some time to create deep healing.

What to Bring to First Session

Please bring along your current herbal or nutritional supplements that you take regularly. If you have any lab test results, bring these so they can be evaluated.  Also please bring in a list of all your prescription medications, including dosages and names.  It is helpful to bring the actual bottles of everything you are taking. This helps your practitioner check for any possible herbal or nutritional drug interactions with medications.

Also bring a quick list (at least in your head) of your health goals and primary areas of concern and the physical and emotional symptoms you would like addressed.

Feel free to discuss anything with us that you feel is important to your healthcare.  All information is always completely confidential.