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Whole Food Options [PDF]

What are the best food choices to eat healthy?
The simple answer is to select whole foods. These are foods that are as close to its natural state as possible. These are supportive to health whereas refined foods are devoid of nutrients and rob the body of its stored nutrients and are typically found canned, bottled, boxed and packaged. Read labels. Strive to eat 90% of food that will nourish your body rather than deplete it. Discover some good whole food choices.

Healthy Breakfasts: Jump Start Your Day [PDF]

Why is breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day?
Not only will you have more energy and nutrients, but you if you eat a regular wholesome breakfast you are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. See some simple ideas to get you started to start the day off right. Also find instructions for traditional methods of soaking grains and nuts.

Grass Fed Meats & Dairy…a healthier alternative [PDF]

Learn why grassfed meats and dairy products offer an healthier and environmentally friendly choice for you.
When animals are raised on lush, green grass from carefully managed pastures getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine, the health benefits of the meat is remarkable. Most astounding is the fact that grassfed animal products are higher in Omega-3 fatty acid which is a “good fat” and may help prevent heart disease.

Hydration: Nourishing Water and Beverages [PDF]

How much water should you drink each day?
Did you know that drinking enough water is one of the easiest, least expensive and most ignored ways to stay healthy? Find personal hydration tips, a listing of healthful beverages and ones to avoid.

Stocking a Healthy Kitchen [PDF]

Have you gone to your pantry lately only to find that you didn’t have what needed to prepare a quick nutritious meal?
By stocking you cupboards, refrigerator and freezer with the right ingredients, you will be able to quickly prepare appetizing and wholesome meals easily. Take some time to clean out your kitchen of depleting foods like those containing hydrogenated vegetable oil, high sugar foods and highly processed foods. Learn how to replace with healthful nourishing basics.

Guidelines for Good Digestion [PDF]

Everything that your body does depends upon how we digest, absorb and assimilate the food we eat.
All of our body systems work synergistically together. Proper nourishment is needed for the intestinal tract to have good immunity and to repair and renew itself every 3-5 days. Learn what you can do to improve your digestion and how foods and herbs can help your body to rejuvenate.

Stress and Your Health [PDF]

Over 80% of all illness and disease today can be linked to stress.
Don’t be discouraged because you really can change the situation. Check out some guidelines for reducing and managing stress in your life. Remember, proper stress management may help reduce the potential of dealing with chronic disease later.

Basic Dietary and Lifestyle Guidelines [PDF]

There’s no doubt about it, a healthy diet and lifestyle impact quality of life.
Learn some everyday basics that can lead to a healthier, happier and more fit life. Following these simple guideline can change your life!

Cultured Live Foods [PDF]

What are Live Cultured or Probiotic Foods? Cultured foods are part of every traditional diet around the globe. These foods have been naturally fermented, like yogurt or sauerkraut. The fermentation process causes the production lactic acid bacteria which are good for us. Eating traditional lacto-fermented foods regularly as part of your diet will help provide optimal health. Preserving foods this way maintains freshness while adding flavor, texture and aroma.