Coconut Products

coconutCoconut products are an extraordinary food and medicine. Did you know that it has been reported that the coconut palm has 1000 uses? Every part of the tree is used for some purpose.  Whether it is coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut water, or coconut flakes – these are all delicious and healthy foods for you. Coconut oil is also safe and effective for therapeutic uses on skin issues, as a wrinkle cream, or for hair care.

For decades, we were told by so-called “experts” that coconut oil was bad for us. Finally, this myth has been debunked and now top medical experts all agree that coconut oil is a healthful super food that everyone should be using, especially in cooking since the saturated fat of coconut oil is stable and does not turn into a harmful trans fat like vegetable oils do with heat. For more information on health benefits of coconut products, check out the coconut research center.

The Lamb Shoppe carries the following coconut products:
  • Coconut Concentrate – this is a product that you can use to make your own coconut milk, just by adding water. It doesn’t have additive that most coconut milks and creams contain.
  •  Coconut Flakes/Shreds – made from the edible white portion of the coconut. It is great to add to salads, baking, and fruits.
  • Coconut Mayonnaise – finally, a healthy mayo that tastes good. This product is made with coconut oil, not vegetable oils that are heat processed and filled with trans fats. Coconut oil mayonnaise is a healthy alternative.
  •  Coconut Milk – this is the thick white liquid made from extracting the juice from the coconut meat. It is a nice substitute for milk for those who have dairy issues. It makes a scrumptious homemade “ice cream”.
  •  Coconut Oils – extracted from the fresh or dried coconut meat. It should be a staple in every kitchen pantry. Use anytime you need to cook, sauté, stir fry, deep fry or heat. It is also great added to smoothies. Use coconut oil for making yummy popcorn from scratch.
  • Coconut Water – the clear or slightly opaque liquid found inside a fresh coconut.
  •  Coconut Sugar – made by collecting the sap from the tree and boiling it down until it gets thick. This is then cooled and hardens and then is made into the sugar.