Our Farm to You

Our Farm To You

For over 25 years, our farm has been raising grass fed meats on the 180-acre property where the animals spend their days in the open air and sunshine grazing the lush pastures of grasses, clovers and various herbs along the winding Crow River. The sustainable farming practices followed on the farm replenish the soil and make the plants and animals flourish while keeping the ancient tradition of nurturing the land alive and provide area consumers with food of exceptional nutrition and taste.

The Lamb Shoppe takes great pride in producing the most nutritious meat around. Not only does the meat taste as pure and natural as the land it was raised on, but its nutritional profile is excellent. While keeping the age-old tradition of nurturing the land alive, we believe that caring for the earth from the soil up insures healthy plants for our animals. As stewards of the land, we work in harmony with nature to establish a natural goodness and wholeness.