Poultry & Eggs

Free-Range EggsThe Lamb Shoppe offers you one of nature’s most nutritionally valuable gifts – EGGS.

Our fertilized eggs taste as good as they look, with a deep orange yolk that just pops out at you in the pan, rather than the pale yellow yolk you would find in other stores. When cracking the egg, you will find the shell to be firm and hard.

Our chickens are free to roam the barnyard and eat a varied diet of nature’s wide-ranging offerings.  To help keep our chickens happy and healthy, we supplement their ration with kelp and extra garden produce such as pumpkins, salad greens, beans, beet tops and apples.  We work hard to produce an extraordinary tasting chicken that is reminiscent of the time when every small farm had a few chickens running around the farm for the family to eat. Our chickens are sold frozen whole. Many customerspre-order chickens so that they will have enough to last the entire year.

Fresh turkeys are available only at Thanksgiving.  Each year, just in time for Thanksgiving, you will be able to purchase an old-fashioned farm raised turkey for your family celebration. Many customers like to buy more so they can have the succulent turkey year around for their family. Remember to order your turkey early as the supply and display space is limited. Once you’ve tasted these turkeys you’ll never want to go back to the factory produced ones ever again!

Poultry & Eggs Price List:

Prices and availability subject to change.

  • Free-Range Chicken, whole (frozen) – $4.19/lb.
  • Free-Range Eggs – $4.00 per dozen
  • Free-Range Stewing Hens – $3.09/lb.
  • Free-Range Turkey (in season), must pre-order – call for current pricing